We are setting the standard for data and marketing technology

and watching companies grow their business.

The V12 Group Data Cloud

Access the data you need to fine-tune your marketing campaigns and strengthen customer relationships.
Warehousing over 4.5 billion Consumer, Business, and Automotive records, The V12 Group Data Cloud provides knowledge and insight to achieve marketing success through the use of high quality data.

Grow Your Business with Launchpad

Build stronger relationships with current customers and acquire new ones,
all on a single platform.

Only the Launchpad Marketing Cloud provides you with the ability to communicate with your current customers and find new ones. Easily launch highly targeted campaigns across multiple channels to grow your bottom line.

Launchpad empowers your business to GROW.

Successful agencies have a lot on their plates. With the marketing technology landscape constantly evolving, it is up to the agencies to stay up to speed and fluent in the marketing automation space.

I am an agency.

When it comes to executing your brand's voice and customer messaging, you can’t take any chances. V12 Group helps resellers power their marketing with today's leading marketing and data technology.

I am a reseller.

V12 Group understands that each marketing need is unique and constantly evolving. Through the Launchpad Marketing Cloud, we give users access to customized solutions and tools.

I am a direct marketer.

Why V12 Group

  • Access to The Data Cloud
    Gain access to The V12 Group Data Cloud, one of the largest, most comprehensive, and well-respected data resources in the marketing industry. It is constructed of compiled and proprietary data sources, has over 500 different selects, and utilizes a triple verification process to guarantee accurate targeting. Our wide-ranging collection comprises categories such as demographic, geographic, lifestyle, interests, behavioral, automotive, and CPG data.
  • Built with the client in mind.
    Our platform, tools, and people are specifically tuned to drive big results for your business, and our flexibility enables you to choose the level of engagement that’s right for you—from full-service to self-service, and anything in between.
  • Leading edge technology.
    V12 Group’s ultra efficient technology platform powers cross-channel marketing programs for the world’s top brands. By providing the highest possible degree of technology excellence and experience, you are free to focus on the creative and strategic details of your next campaign.
  • Simplicity is key.
    We have made Launchpad one of the easiest platforms to use in the marketplace today, allowing you to get signed up and marketing to customers in no time. Start sending highly personalized customer communications in less than a day.

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