Welcome to Agilaz Consulting and Development

Agilaz Consulting and Development is a full-stack software development company specializing in custom web site development and hosting. We offer full-stack development from the simplest brochure websites to complex multi-user dynamic web 2.0 applictions. We also provide custom Android and iOS development, Linux Installation and System administration, and Linux GUI application development.

The Candy Princess of the lollypop forest needs your help. Her farm has produced too many candies and she can’t store it all! Help her out by clearing out her Candy Tower of all the candies. Agilaz software releases version 1 of Candy Tower; a game designed after Tetris©. In this game, your mission is to keep the Candy Tower in the lollypop forest clear of candies. Rotate and move candy bundles left and right and drop them into place for bonuses. As the levels increase the speed of the falling candy bundles increases.

We’re happy to be releasing version 1 of Candy Tower on the Google Play Store. We felt it was time for one of our old favorites to get a complete makeover starting with new graphics and continuing through classic arcade music brought forward with Dubstep and Anime+Trance. Once you pick up Candy Tower, you won’t be able to put it down!