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Ever think that story you just read was complete bull? Maybe the author gave someone a pass or was too harsh? Think they missed the point completely? Maybe they didn't cover something that you thought was the most important part of the story? I bet you've said to yourself and friends: "I could write better than that guy in my sleep!".

Time to put up or shut up! Here's your chance to really rant and rave about sports news. This page lists a small sample of news stories that we're pulling from various sports news sources across the web. Pick an article (or search for it if you've already read it), then post a rant or rave. Anything you post that is approved will be viewable by anyone across the world! (Don't worry, we don't show your real name.) If your article really rocks we'll feature it on the home page and across every section of the site!

Prove to those slackers that they're wrong, you're right and they can just su... Ok, calm down; let's be civil right? Anyway, sign up for an account on The Angry Fans and start writing stories. Since this isn't Facebook to Twitter, we actually want you to write!

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Raiders go with Rookie as starting QB

For the second year in a row, the Oakland Raiders have acquired a quarterback in a trade during the NFL offseason. Matt Flynn was brought in from the Seattle Seahawks last year and Matt Schaub was acquired for the 2014 season. Unfortunately, Flynn didn’t work out last season resulting in Terrelle Pryor becoming the starter and the same scenario has happened heading into Week 1 this year. Rookie Derek Carr will get the nod as the starting quarterback for the…